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Blues Rock’s painful scream: Janis Joplin (19 January 1941 – 4 October 1970)

It’s been 49 years since the White Stain died. More years will pass, but Janis Joplin will never be forgotten! Online, we wanted to commemorate Janis Joplin, the Queen of Blues Rock, and tell you about it.

It’s a story, a poem, a painful scream, Janis Joplin. It’s not about putting words together, it’s about telling Janis what’s difficult. In this video we will talk about Janis Joplin, who passed away on October 4, 1970.

Janis said many in the world commemorate the event, unfortunately forgotten again in Turkey! No serious organization. You’ll understand why we’re so upset when the video ends. Now let’s move on to Janis’s short but successful life.

Janis Joplin was born on January 19, 1941 in Texas. She lives in the town where she was born for a long time without attracting anyone’s attention. Listening to folk and blues, young Janis begins to discover other blues lovers living in the town. And everything changes for Janis. Instead of quietly quiet Janis on the streets of Texas, Bessie Smith and Odetta parts of her tongue stroll through the evergreen Flower Girl.

Janis doesn’t hesitate to support her black movement. She shouts at them with her black throat, for their rights. At that time they called Janis White Stain.

She graduated from college in 1961 and returned home. She’s a hippie now. In 1961, the highest date of her retreat was disturbed by Janis.

Janis goes to Los Angeles to work, but she doesn’t. It would be a pleasure to be with the hippies. In 1962, her voice was heard in her voice as well as blues songs. Except for one or two songs, Janis hasn’t heard her voice yet.

She joins the Walter Creek group in Los Angeles. The group receives degrees in a competition they participate. This would be the first event that changed Janis’s life. Rather than entering the rankings, the sound of that day is discovered. The discoverer does not own a record label. But in time, she gives Janis more than a company.

In the winter of 1963, Janis Joplin and Chet Helms go to San Francisco. Janis sings in bars, uses alcohol and drugs, so she becomes a free hippie. So what does Chet do to Janis by discovering him? Good or evil?

With the joy of being able to listen to Janis, the answer to our question is goodness! After a while, Chet becomes Janis’ manager and joins Big Brother & The Holding Company. Of course, things don’t go as fast as you listen. At the end of his adventure in San Francisco, Janis starts to live in Port Arthur. Unable to persuade Janis to return, Chet sends her friend Travis and brings Janis back to San Francisco.

Janis suffered a serious collapse at that time. Things start to go wrong in her life and the drug she uses makes her sick. Big Brother & The Holding Company members are not impressed when they see a neglected, overweight, country girl who has lost her folk culture.

Janis, who has gotten giant when she gets the microphone, is now the lead singer of the band, although she doesn’t seem to get good grades. In 1967, she made a name for herself at the Monterey Pop Festival. They start working on their album offer. In 1967, with the album of the same name, Janis Joplin became known quickly.

The first album, Big Brother & The Holding Company, is an amazing work of 12 songs. Because Janis has added to the album ”vomiting all her hatred”. Enrollment is inadequate in this day’s conditions, but in general there is no mention of the spirit! Bye Bye Baby, Easy Rider, Call On Me, Women Is Losers and Down On Me are the best songs.

Blues rock hurricane works on Haight-Ashbury Street for a while. At that time, many people interested in music opened a booth and drink money on the street, Down On Me moans.

In the summer of 1967, Big Brother & The Holding Company performed at the Montreux Festival and attracted the attention of record companies. The band accepted Columbia Records’ offer without much thought. Albert Grossman replaces Chet and begins marketing the group. The band returns from New York as soon as they finish recording the new album. Everybody starts talking big about Janis. It is defined as a free drug by those who listen to the sound.

And the new album Cheap Thrills is published. The album is a blues rock classic consisting of 11 songs. The songs in the album are indistinguishable from the unforgettable pieces of heavy metal history. Featuring the Best Of feature, the album is full of hits. Let’s read the name of all the songs in the album, and if you still haven’t met Janis’s voice, let’s listen to this album.

Combination Of The Two, I Need A Man To Love, Summertime, Piece Of My Heart, Turtle Blues, Oh Sweet Mary, Ball And Chain, Road Block, Flowers In The Sun, Catch Me Daddy and Magic Of Love…

Now everyone who listens to blues rock knows Janis. So Janis now has the ropes. While the concerts were going on, she left the band and started to work on a new band. This also means preparing her own end.

Big Brother & The Holding Company is a disciplined group and Janis cannot interrupt their work while they are with them. When Janis gets the ropes, she makes her biggest mistake. She leaves the group.

Kozmic Blues Band is established in a short time. The concerts are not discontinued and every concert leaves great recordings. In 1969 the new band I Got Dem Ol ’Kozmic Blues Again Mama is recorded. The number of prominent tracks in the album is not much compared to the previous album. But Janis’s voice is amazing again.

Kozmic Blues, Try, Maybe, As Good As You’ve Been to This World are the best tracks of the new album.

Janis now faces a serious problem. Drug addiction. So it is slowly abandoned by people. There are more opportunists around him than his friends.

For Rockers, 1969 means Woodstock. Known for its period, the festival becomes a legend with its rock music groups. Janis is one of the names on Woodstock’s stage. Fans listen to him and fall into Woodstock’s mud.

The year 1970 includes many things for Janis. A new band, a new album, new concerts, new sufferings and the latest.

Janis continues with Full Tilt Boogie Band. There is a serious recognition now. Pearl album is recorded in a very short time. Registrations are made in Los Angeles. The album is a farewell mood. Janis says that she writes songs for people who enter her life at every opportunity.

Move Over, Cry Baby, Half Moon, Mercedes Benz, Tell Mama, Little Girl Blue.

The last is close. However, the press discusses the importance of Janis’ position and discusses with whom he can compete. Janis then goes to live with her family after her album.

Janis dies in a hotel in Hollywood. The cause of death is written in the report as drugs. No more dreams, hippie girl. Living fast in those years means dying young. How many days have passed since Jimi Hendrix is dead!

After Janis’ death, she becomes giant like other rock soloists. Life presents Janis her greatest gift. Who knows, maybe Jimi, Janis and Jim take the other world with a blues rock band. Maybe God also needs good music.

Janis Joplin died on October 4, 1970, that is 49 years ago. Do you think she’s dead, Janis? Or immortalized?

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